LAB / Mandala connecté

Mandala connecté is a remote controlled physical installation. Inspired by indian and tibetan traditions, users connect to the server and manipulate sand. They pick a color and place it on a grid drawn on the floor. Every week, a new grid is generated accordingly to the position of choosen stars in the sky. The sky is different in each parts of the Earth, varying with the seasons, each sand drawing is in fact a unique representation of the sky where Mandala connecté is exhibited.

Photographying each Mandala and putting them side by side results in a graphic evolution of the sky. People from all over the world can take part in an artistic and creation and quiet experience, with the image of humans controlling sand grain, controlled by immensurable forces in the sky.

  • 5 months
  • 2 exhibitions
  • Team project
  • Research
  • 3D printing